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MDB Repair Kit designed for restore the content of corrupted Microsoft Access database. Microsoft Access MDB repair tool helps to repair *.MDB files.

How to repair MDB file

Modified on 01/01/2019

The repairing corrupted MDB file of Access database - step-by-step instruction:

  1. Download MDB Repair Kit here:
  2. Install MDB Repair Kit
  3. Start MDB Repair Kit
  4. Select corrupted *.mdb or *.accdb file
  5. Preview repaired tables (structure and data), queries and relations and press Next
  6. Select name and folder for new MDB database with recovered data
  7. Select the recover mode and press Recover

How to repair MDB file?

Access MDB file repair

MDB Repair Kit is a specialized data recovery solution that addresses the problem of corrupted Access databases and helps users restore their data quickly, easily and without handing it over to external service providers. This Microsoft Access MDB repair tool was designed for users of all skill levels, from barely PC-literate novices trying to find out how to repair MDB file data on their own to professionals dealing with database corruption on a daily basis.

MDB Repair Kit efficiently combines unparalleled ease of use, efficiency and accuracy of recovery, and comprehensive support of all major versions of Access databases, including .mdb and .accdb formats. Featuring a uniquely efficient database analysis core, this Microsoft Access ACCDB repair tool is capable of locating and extracting valuable data from the most severely damaged files after all types of accidents. The program makes no distinction between the causes of data corruption that range from virus attacks and software issues to hardware failures and power shortages. The algorithms used by the Repair Kit development team work in parallel, enabling this Access MDB file repair tool restore both regular data and records deleted from the database before the corruption accident.

Targeting a very broad audience, the program offers a user interface so simple and straightforward that even the least experienced will have zero problems choosing a damaged file, completing the recovery procedure and saving the data to a new database.

Microsoft Access ACCDB repair tool

The program works with .mdb and .accdb database files of any size and version and restores the most valuable elements from them, including tables, table data, queries and links. The program makes it possible to perform .mdb repair online and enables users to preview the contents of damaged databases prior to starting data extraction. MDB Repair Kit is the optimal choice for users who don't know how to repair MDB files, yet need to do it once or regularly. For IT professionals dealing with Access database corruption quite often, the program will be a cost-efficient solution for the problem of quick in-house data recovery.

How to repair MDB files?

Below are the key advantages of MDB Repair Kit:

  • Fast and highly intuitive Access database recovery process
  • A user-friendly interface based on a step-by-step wizard
  • A built-in database preview tool
  • Support of .mdb and .accdb files of any size and structure
  • Recovery of damaged data and previously deleted records
  • Compatibility with all major versions of MS Access and Windows
  • Modest system requirements, no need to download any additional components
  • Outstanding cost efficiency compared with specialized services
  • Fast download and installation
.MDB repair online

The demo version of MDB Repair Kit is available as a free download on the official website of Repair Kit.

The Access file repair software does not recover:

  • forms;
  • macros;
  • modules;
  • password protected files.


  • Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 or Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016 and above
  • Microsoft Access 2003 or higher installed
Customer's reviews and ratings
Lorelai Bird 2021-03-29

The right way recovering damaged/encrypted data is to make a backup of the database. Unfortunately, I did not do it in time, and my course project was damaged. The program was able to recover most of the data - 4 star.

SC @PitokRugrat 2021-02-26

The program was able to remove unwanted changes are made to the file that caused damage.

Panache Abigneil 2021-02-15

Copying data from a damaged MS access file was quite surprising. The program was able to recover the paths to related tables. My rating is definitely 5

Rugbystar4Quipu 2021-01-19

The data in the file became available only after the .MDB file was corrected. But the "MDB Repair" fixer seemed slow to me, I think that the program could fix the MS ACCESS file with a size of 832 MB faster.

Yara Jaxon 2020-12-18

The service was excellent, although only communicated by mail. Nevertheless, they helped me to deal with the error when opening the .mdf file. Many thanks to Sasha for her patience.

Guillermo Simon 2020-12-07

Today I tried to undelete the .mdb file. Due to the huge size of the database, the process took most of the working time. Not all lost records could be repaired, but the database became operational

Guillermo Simon 2020-08-11

Immediately after restoring, I checked the structure of all tables. How glad I am that they were saved, of course I had fake recordings, because of this you can not get upset. Since in some lines the cells are empty.

Algolagnia 2020-07-03

The .MDB file stopped opening, MS-Access in the logs indicates that something happened to the tables. After repairing the damaged .mdb using the program, only 6 errors were fixed, now MS Access open database!

Cylinder 2020-06-19

I almost completely recovered my database, except for the encrypted part, please help resolve this issue. The modules could not be restored too.

Timenoguy 2020-06-05

Program recover corruption .MDB file after virus only 80%. Because in recovered database I have not module!

Anglomania 2020-05-13

After trying to run the VB .NET script, my connected database crashed. In MS Access 2003, the database is now not accessible and shows error 3343. After I was able to restore it through online, all the data added through the script was also present. I do not know what could happen, but I am grateful for the restoration.

Bishop 2020-02-27

This program really helpful, because it repairs my database which does not open is MS Access 2003, thanks!!

Max 2018-08-20

It like insurance for my d-base!!!

Lucky 2017-05-14


Hanna 2016-09-21

Good! It repaired all data from Access 2010 MDB file.

Jack 2014-02-21

Good repair tool for Access

Tom J 2012-01-17

Free to try software. It helps to repair my bad MS Access database.

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